B2, R1 and DCI pre-qualification accredited.

R2, B3 and F5 accredited

North-Vic Constructions

PO Box 236, Kilmore, Victoria 3764 • Phone +61 3 5781 1984

Sustainability policy

The company sustainability policy

North Vic Constructions Pty Ltd policy is to:

  • Provide a safe, amenable, accessible environment for all members of the workforce and others on our sites
  • Ensure our practices of economic sustainability are meeting community expectations
  • Protect and enhance remnant and constructed ecosystems on all worksites managed by the Company
  • Minimise the demand for potable water by promoting alternative sustainable supplies and effective water demand management practices
  • Maximise the use of renewable energy sources by identifying efficient and responsible energy management practices, including minimising carbon emissions
  • Encourage innovation and best practice sustainable design, construction and maintenance for the built environment
  • Monitor emerging environmental technologies, equipment purchases and work processes relevant to our activities
  • Maintain a strong awareness of our legislative obligations and regularly monitor our compliance at both office and project level
  • Purchase equipment that reduces energy consumption and is technologically advanced
  • Seek the use of environmentally sustainable recycled materials and reduce waste generation on all worksites
  • Minimise the use of materials which deplete natural resources or create toxic pollution
  • Manage noise and night lighting so that adverse impacts on properties adjoining worksites are minimised
  • Measure and review at management level our performance against our sustainability objectives and this policy